Independent stocktaking

Your business is growing fast and developing? Are being opened new branches, stores and warehouses? In your collective are entering new employees? Is growing product nomenclature and sale amount?

You know yourself how complicated a situation like this is, to control real amount of products and condition, decrease stock, calculate variants and avoid from possible loses and unexpected expenses.

Strong control and precise information about real situations – this is the key for success!

We are offering to you professional and independent stocktaking. We are collaborating with enterprises which are part of big companies and holdings (look section “Clients”). At this moment we have unique experience and specific knowledge which we can use to improve control and management in your enterprise.

Important! Independent stocktaking is necessary even in cases when is kept computerized product registration. As we know from experience, with time the system dates gets overloaded with inaccurate information which causes accumulation and inevitably grow the amount of errors during processing and registration of products. Also is important to remember the human factor – from inattention from part of employees until intentional illegitimate actions.

Only with help of professional and independent stocktaking is possible to find and recognize mistakes which had originate as the result of activity or inactivity of employees.

Independent stocktaking is helping to management of enterprise:

Objectively evaluate residue of products.

Our specialists are independent and are not interested to hide faults, forge documents or falsify data.

Analyze effectiveness of movement of products, precision and registration of products

You can control a situation with comparing data obtained during independent stocktaking with already existing data.

Perform stocktaking outside of working time of enterprise.

Stocktaking is possible to perform during one night. The client is receiving precise information before begin the workday.

Correctly plan delivery of products.

Knowledge of precise information will guarantee you taking more effective decisions.

As a result you will manage your enterprise more effectively.

Objective view in handy format is letting you review better amount of demand, improve turnover of products and resources, and also raise profitability of the enterprise.

Plan expenses of stocktaking.

We are working on a base of contract with fixed terms and payment.